Thanks so much for getting our car detailed in such a timely manner! Our plan to sell the car sold the first day I parked on the street outside my office. The new owner was VERY impressed with your work, especially the engine. The exterior dazzled! Everything looked like new!
I will highly recommend your shop! Thanks again!


As a busy mother and wife, I tend to spend a lot of time in my vehicle. Unfortunately, due to this amount of time, my car tends to take a little bit of a beating Cheerios stuck between car seats and mud and dirt on the carpets. When I heard about the Elite Detailing Pros, I decided to give them a try. I've used other detailing services and wasn't too happy with my results. I must say I was shocked at the professionalism and the excellent customer service I received! I drove my vehicle to their specified location and was provided transportation back to my job. The truck was cleaned to perfection and it felt like I was driving it off the lot for a second time! Additionally, my vehicle was dropped off to me at my job once completed so I was not inconvenienced at all! I would highly recommend Elite Detailing Pros for your car wash and detailing needs. You will not be disappointed.


“I couldn't be more satisified with the job Elite Detailing Pros did on my car! My car had an amazing sparkly shine! The interior was cleaned so good it looked and smelled brand new. They cleaned the engine, removing all the old oil, dirt, and gunk making it look great! My trunk even had a leak that caused some mold and they truly went above and beyond by removing it all and making it look and smell fresh again!

All in all Elite Detailing Pros are amazing!!! I recommend them to all my friends and will bring my car back again!”

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